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12 Sep

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Y’all spend a lot of time thinking about Harry Potter, don’t you?

12 Sep Am I the only one who thinks that Quicksilver’s smug look here is sexy? >.< 

Am I the only one who thinks that Quicksilver’s smug look here is sexy? >.< 

12 Sep
12 Sep


[TRANS] 140911 JYJ 2014 Asia Tour ~The Return Of The King~ in Taiwan


*Jaejoong didn’t put his fringe up todayㅠㅠ
*Talk time: They said hello they are jyj in chinese!
*Jaejoong said hello I’m kim jaejoong in chinese. He said thank you for so many people coming today I’ll be working hard til the end.
*JJ: the concert has just began how was the opening? Fans: *screaming* JJ: xie xie(Thank you in chinese)
*Singing ten years(the chinese song) their accent so clear..amazing
*YC made fun of mine’s lyrics. He said when JJ shout hello! Fans should shout kitty so will be like Hello Kitty hahahhaahhahaha
*During talk time JS and YC keep laughing so JJ said how can we sing slow/sad songs? So he let fans to think the sad things and sad thought.

*JJ: they are gonna prepared the next stage for a short moment. /putting the mic on, putting glove, cleaning sweat, mic test/ || we’re ready!
*JJ: so you think you come from the farthest place put your hand up! So they asking where are those ppl come FROM xD
*During the last talk time: JJ said he received the power/energy/strength from everybody’s support rather than he giving us.


*Junsu was laughing so they can’t start singing the ballad song. lol. (xiah_manic)
*Even after becoming an uncle, JYJ saw a banner. If Yoochun becomes bald after, he will have a haircut with JYJ on his head. XD (4feel)


*Ment after Baboboy: JJ: Haven’t seen all of you for a while, very happy to see you all. We will work hard to the end for the so many of you
*YC: When we were rehearsing, we felt that the venue was very big. But it’s all filled up!
*JS said they’ve not been here for a while and will work hard for the concert
*During the starting ment, JS was amused that whatever he said in Korean, the fans seem to understand. He asked: Are you speak(ing) Korean?
*YC said he saw the way JS was preparing and feels blessed they are a team. “Thank you all for coming and let’s create happy memories.”
*After butterfly, JJ’s “woah” brought screams. He said the JYJ solo stages are almost at an end.

*JJ: Do you agree that each solo stage has its own attraction?
*JJ teased fans about taking off his top. He took it off anyway before Mine.
*Such a long banter before So So. Jaechun trolls in action. Junsu epic fail. JJ’s Butterfly to Junsu’s hair to TP 101 to TW girls are pretty!
*Either JS or YC was asking fans why they don’t yell “Kitty” after JJ’s “Hello” in Butterfly.
*JS loves asking fans to yell, he asked for the boy fans to show their presence.
*JJ: A lot of ppl here today. Those who think they are from the furthest country, raise your hands!
*Apparently there were fans from USA which got the boys excited
*JS after Valentine: Are you having fun? Although it is hard to bear, it’s the last song. This show will leave unforgettable memories for us.
*JS: You from? YC: Korea. JS: Good.
*JS: Today, the audience gave us a relaxed and playful feel, thank you! Your response makes it feel like we are in a room instead.
Final ment before fallen leaves

*JS: There was so much interaction today, I am very happy.
*JJ: Although we can’t meet often, you are still so supportive, its really “magical”
*JJ: You were singing along and so supportive, makes me feels like we should never give up our music.
*JJ: If we come again, will you support us like this still? Even if not concert? You came for this concert, which is why we can sing for you
*JJ: Although we have a concert every week, we find our strength from you
*Ever so thoughtful JJ asked fans if their arms were tired and ask them to put them down.
*YC: Both JS and JJ too, we received a lot of strength from TW, we are blessed to have met all of you today.

*The boys asked if fans will still love them when they’ve grown old, when they become bald and have a round tummy
*JJ: We will take care of our hair and our body too, stomach won’t become too big. We shall become handsome ahjussis.
*Junsu asked if it was ok if they got married and have kids
*JS: JJ said we have gained strength from you, and this is more than what we give to you, we’re really happy today.
*JS: We will now go to our last song to say goodbye…


*JJ: thanks for everybody who come today we will be working hard till the end
*I think YC said he worried whether the venue will be full since it was so large
*They are waving the pink lightstick previously they didnt turn it on
This person said actually the concert today the teamwork was good lol when junsu solo the pink lightstick was on
*Blue and green was turned off but red is always turn on and vice versa during yoochun and jaejoong solo
*Yoochun is smiling while singing he is in good mood today
*YC: Thanks to everybody who has come here today. Hope that today concert can give everybody a good memory. I will sing one more song
*Oh so just now Yoochun sat on the stage facing B1 that’s why this fans keep screaming for Yoochun to come to her place

*JJ: we will prepare for a while for the next song
*JJ: we are about to finish prepared. YC to Jae: why are you keep preparing and laughing
*Junsu asked fanboy to scream again lol He said yi er san (1 2 3) and fans were surprised he said it fluently
*JJ: “whoever in here cam from the farthest pelase put your hands up and who came from the US” and there are people who came from US
*JS: xie xie da jia (thanks everybody) do you have fun today? It’s only one song left
*JS: you from korea? Yc: yes im from korea
*Jae: “this is the last song” back seat
*JJ: seeing you dancing and supporting us, music is the thing I will never give up for
*JJ: if we come again next time you will still support us like this right?

*JJ: in this asia tour concert although we are not often meet eveybody but you still support us
*JJ: I get my energy from everybody’s support
*YC: from this taiwan concert I get so many energy
*YC: today we meet with everybody really thanks to you
*Seema like they ask whether fans will still support them when they are old already like if tummy is very round
*Yc: because of the love you give, our hair has fallen down
*JJ: as long as we are still handsome it’s ok
*JS: like Jae had said before I get so many energy from this concert and I feel so happy
*They are saying xie xie (thankyou) to the audience in the left, right, and main stage.
*JJ everybody please wait us until next time we come to taiwan again JYJ: xie xie! YC: wan an (good night) JS: hao (ok)

Credits: As tagged + jejebei_1226 + 旭雨
Translated by: paulisteu + pixelminor + TVXQfacts

12 Sep
12 Sep

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140911 台湾

12 Sep
12 Sep

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JJ’s looking really good post-weight gain. Those 20Ibs did him good. It doesn’t hurt that in the 2nd picture he’s doing an impression of my favorite Death Note character either.

12 Sep

140911 - The Return of the King in Taipei Press Conference

  • More pictures over on DBSKNights.

Sources: chinatimes + kimzawun + yoonjaeloveBAR + Love + Chieri

Shared by: DBSKNights

12 Sep

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[HQ PRESS PICS] 2014 JYJ Asia Tour Concert in Taiwan

Credit: topstarnews

12 Sep

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And the bullying continues…

12 Sep

For some reason, I feel lonely today. My body and soul feels this hunger for human touch. If it’s possible, I’d probably melt if someone gave me a hug right now. 

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140911 JYJ concert “The Return Of The King” in Taipei  cr.ThongsGukkkk

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